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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Jul 27, 2022

Are you struggling to advance with your horse?
Does it feel like you are on a plateau thats ‘ok’…but not what you want it to be?
You might be ready to enter the messy middle.
I could try to dress it up with a better name but instead I’ll share with you:
What the messy middle is.
The #1 symptom when people try to...

Jul 13, 2022

In this episode, I outline three examples where I often see riders using ‘low’ energy to try to influence their horse. In each example, I share what I see and the challenges that often come from this method.

What do you believe about low energy? Is low energy better than high energy?  Does the idea of using strong...

Jul 6, 2022

Do you have a thought, that you are not aware of, that is holding you back?
While this might seem like an impossible question to answer- it’s not. 
It is however a higher level idea that will require you to do some work.
In this podcast, I share a story to illustrate how a hidden thought showed up for one young lady...