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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Mar 1, 2023

Here is how I would describe the ideal rider and horse experience at a horse show:

Ideally, the rider is focus on:
-what's happening with the horse (the horse's experience)
- the task at hand (test, obstacle, etc.)
- what the rider needs to adjust or change or continue doing to support the horse and complete the task

Ideally, the horse is focused on the rider with a soft awareness of surroundings.

THE CHALLENGE is learning  to navigate multiple areas of focus, seemingly at the same time.

Showing often brings up an awareness of what is not working, including:
the rider forgetting the pattern, not supporting the horse, not focused on adjusting to the actual environment, and/or what others might think about their riding.

Also discussed are common horse issues, the role of mistakes and growth mindset as you advance as a rider. The benefits of riding with FOCUS and the side effects that are beneficial in all areas of riding.