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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Feb 27, 2019

Last week, I talked about how time and repetition will create a feedback loop that you can modify. This week, I'm going to expand on the concept of the feedback loop and share three ways to get riding feedback for continued improvement. There are pros and cons to each method.

You need to weigh out which method is the...

Feb 20, 2019

This week we are talking about muscle memory. I'm going to share my two different views on muscle memory and one way that you can fast-forward you're learning. Last week, I talked about muscle memory being different than your strength or fitness level.

I think people get confused about these concepts because, in the...

Feb 13, 2019

Today, I'm talking about strength vs muscle memory as I continue season 2 which focuses on the rider's body. I will also be giving you my time saving tip for making time to work out. Have you noticed how it's easier for naturally athletic people to jump from sport to sport?

I've noticed this, because I'm not a naturally...

Feb 6, 2019

In this season, I am focusing on the rider's body. In this episode, I'll be discussing four different aspects of danger including is horseback riding dangerous, how can we manage the risk, the main mistake I see rider’s make, and exercises for improvement.

Show Notes

[02:01] We all know that horse riding can be...