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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Jan 8, 2020

Episode 60: Stacy shares what is going on in her barn with her horses. She shares how she is using the techniques and ideas that she has been teaching in the her own barn.

Stacy starts by answering a listener's question about motivation:

"Hi, Stacy. My name is Andrea. And my question is, how do you just get motivated? To get out there with your horse when you feel like you're all alone and you just really don't have that encouragement. From others. I don't really know a lot of horsey people. How do you just get motivated just to get out there and be with your horse? Do your ground training refresher course and just get on the back of your horse? How do you just get motivated just to do that?"

Stacy shares five actionable tips for staying motivated.