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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Apr 17, 2019

Welcome to season 3 where we are going to talk about the horses mind. There are two things I'm going to talk about today. The first one is that you might just be underestimating your horse. The second thing I'm going to talk about is moving beyond the prey predator model.

Do you think you underestimate your horses mental capabilities? As a kid, I remember people talking about horses mental abilities in a limiting way. The more I understand horses, the more amazed I am at how much they understand. I explore this and the prey predator model in this episode.


Show Notes

[02:51] I think we underestimate horses, because someone else told us that their mental capability might be limited.

[03:12] The more I understand horses, the more I'm amazed at how much they actually do understand.

[03:29] Last weekend, I had Willow at a dressage show. I noticed a judge comment that said use more seat and less hand.

[04:43] Willow remembered something that I didn't, and we came to a sliding stop.  

[06:03] Don't confuse underestimating your horse with failing your horse.

[06:54] People might underestimate their horses because someone told them to. They may also want to think their horses need more care like a small child.

[07:31] Sometimes people may underestimate their horses, so they don't have to step up their training and learn more complex ideas.

[08:07] The idea of prey versus predator. I believe horses can move beyond the prey predator model.

[09:09] Part of my training with horses is taking them up through an educational system that goes from kindergarten up through college.

[09:23] The goal is to move them away from the highly reactive state of mind that we could label prey predator.

[10:26] My job as a horse trainer is to take a horse beyond prey predator, but I have to believe that they are capable of going beyond that.


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