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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Feb 16, 2022

A listener asks a question about ‘changing the story in your head about a horse…and knowing when it's time to move on.’ 
Often times, the story we have in our head is a mixture of fact and story. Separating out the facts is useful. Pretending the facts don’t exist, so we can pretend to have a different story, is not useful. 
It IS natural to have one story about a horse that does change over time in a healthy way. 
The phrase ‘not the right fit for me’ is also used, which could point toward several things, including the idea of a horse ‘fitting’ you or having a temperament that you enjoy in a similar way as your best friend. 
Finally, I bring up the way that I would approach looking at this question if I were exploring it myself.