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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Aug 7, 2019

Timing is everything when it comes to horse training. I don't want to put any pressure on you, but you need really good timing. 

Your timing may never be perfect, but it can always be improved. In a future episode, I will also talk about how in the beginning, your timing is everything and then once the horse picks up more responsibility your timing is less important. This is such a great topic, because the contradictions can be almost mind-blowing, yet the subtleties are so important to learn.  

This episode is all about the importance of timing. I talk about how to improve your timing and common mistakes I see in timing. Then is my segment with Dr. Monty we discuss electrolytes and cooling down your horse. You don't want to miss this, because Dr. Monty gives me a cooling tip that I've never heard before. 

Show Notes:

[02:18] Physical timing is the first thing that people are able to see and identify. Later on people develop the ability to reward mental timing.

[03:50] Your horse will reveal to you the spots where you have the weakest understanding.

[04:37] A listener question about timing. He has trouble loading into the trailer. 

[06:26] The horses fear is often a lack of understanding. The horse needs to be desensitized to the stimulus that causes the fear. He also needs to be sensitized to the halter.

[08:43] The goal is to see an emotional balance across the board.

[10:16] Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't means that there are holes in the training. 

[14:26] Pulling the horse on the trailer is never a good idea. 

[16:57] When your horse sees the trailer his brain doesn't want to go on to it, so his feet don't move. Finding the answers can get very layered.

[18:28] You can hear all aspects of the four square model in trailer loading. The riders mind, the rider's body, the horse's mind, and the horse's body. 

[18:47] There's a difference between physical timing and mental timing. Physical timing is a great place to start.

[20:12] The horse can't squeeze between your body and the trailer if you're standing with your shoulder against the trailer.

[21:45] Without the clarity of a goal, people can be unclear.

[23:28] The lead line is in your left hand. The moves you make can be like a chess game. Put a light pressure on the lead rope.

[25:00] Watch your horse as you take the slack out.

[29:52] Look at his eyes. If he looks asleep, he's ready for another question.

[31:04] Patience is an underused tool. 

[32:27] Timing is tied to what he is thinking. 

[35:15] Pick up the slack again. Are his eyes wide? 

[38:08] Raise your right hand. What did your horse say? Pay attention to the little details.

[44:02] Groundwork is all done with timing.

[45:16] I love liberty work. Part of our job is to teach horses to speak human. A horses reaction to pressure in a healthy way can keep them safe. 

[48:03] When you start to see what is happening, it gets fun, because you can see the problem ahead and be proactive. 

[49:05] A question about a young horse and directing his attention to a different spot. 

[54:15] Engaging a horse in the conversation takes away the boredom. 

Dr. Monty and I Discuss Electrolytes and Dealing With the Heat

[55:12] When it's hot what signs indicate stress and is white block salt enough?

[55:33] The salt contains electrolytes which helps cool the horse and improves the cardiovascular system. 

[56:02] White salt may not be enough. When it's really hot put an electrolyte supplement into the feed.

[57:01] If it's too hot for you, it's probably not the best time to ride. Start early or wait until the evening. Horses deal with heat through respiration and sweating. 

[57:49] Placing ice on the jugular vein will cool the blood flow which helps to cool the body. 

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