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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Jan 20, 2021

Here are four ways exercise can improve your riding.
1-To exercise regularly you’ll need to coach yourself
2- Exercise can help you physically become stronger, more flexible and more coordinated.
3-Exercise can help you understand your horses mind…if you’re going to coach him to work…get good at coaching YOU to...

Jan 13, 2021

In a perfect world…what would this year look like with your horse?
What would you accomplish?
In January of 2022…what would you like to have achieved?
In this podcast I share with you how I use my calendar and tracking to get so much done.
One of the reasons that I take January goal setting so seriously is because...

Jan 6, 2021

If you were forced to choose between having a great relationship with your horse OR getting big results…which would you choose?
Relationship OR results?
Do you think you have to choose…or do you think you can have both?
Today I’m explaining how I get BIG RESULTS…while still keeping the relationship the main...

Dec 30, 2020

Are you going after big goals with your horses? How do you define 'big goal'? What does that look like for you?
Here are three reasons I often see riders avoid setting big goals:
1) You are afraid of how it will feel to fail
2) You’re afraid of how you might treat your horse while trying to achieve the goal
3) You...

Dec 23, 2020

Which horse first inspired you? The earliest memory I have of being inspired by a real horse was my mom, reading stories to me of Man O War aka Big Red.
Stories like these gave me a glimpse into a world filled with horses. The authors wrote of horses with heart and ‘the look of eagles.’ In this podcast, I share with...