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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Nov 23, 2022

Listen while you prep for Thanksgiving, or anytime you need a reminder of what horses bring to your life.

I asked…and YOU answered. 
Messages flooded in from around the world sharing why you love horses, why you are thankful for horses…and how horses have changed your life.

Horses are good for the soul. 
Challenges. Triumphs.
Friends, conversation.
Time stops. Worries leave. Peace.
Companions to my grief. 
Wonder, joy, love, adrenaline, fear.
Magic. Connection. Mutual respect.
Unconditional love, respect. Focus.
Joy. Gratitude. Compassion.
Purpose and belonging.
In my element. 
Learning about myself.
How to be a better person.
Calm. Self awareness. Sensitivity. 
Open, willing. Better, kinder, smarter human. 
A chance to see the world from their back.
Beauty. Strength. 
Grow, learn, inspired.
“I Can.” 
Peace, love, joy.
Grounded. Focused. Sane.
…and so much more. 

Thanks for sharing, for inspiring, and for listening.
Happy Thanksgiving.