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Train Your Own Horse with Stacy Westfall

Apr 29, 2020

Episode 76: Today I’m answering three questions that I think are all related. One is about a horse that pops his head up when he steps on the lead rope, another is about ground tying and the final one is about tying with patience.

When a horse steps on the lead rope while grazing, some will step off the rope without missing a bite...while others will pop their heads up almost as if they are surprised. During this segment, I discuss the 'truth' that both horses are experiencing and I outline how to show the horse the more quiet answer. 

The next question is about teaching a horse to ground tie and I  share five steps for teaching a horse to understand this.

Finally, I discuss teaching a horse to stand quietly. We discuss the nuances of recognizing subtle changes in a horse while it is tied and solutions for reducing pawing.